Picture Your Women In Tech - Spotlight Edition.

Picture Your Women In Tech - Spotlight Edition.

"I know its going to be pretty tough when you are by yourself but when you have a community you can leverage so much be it your mental health and union ship" - Madona's KeyNote at Moms' who Code


Madona the CTO and Co-Founder at Jibu Labs, Madona the technology expert, Madona the author of Modern Android 13 Cookbook, a speaker at Tech talks with Madona all these titles while still being a present mom to her kids. Pause. Dear reader I'm impressed, read along and see why.

From our childhood, we have dreams and aspiration, a perfect future we desire and a thought that maybe ' if I became this, xyz would be a dream come true, I would be proud of myself and probably be happy.' Madona's dream was to be an Aeronautical Engineer only to end up as a Software Developer. Did you know Madona's second application Budgeting Buddy currently has more than 10,000 downloads ?

They say remain teachable and true to it, Madona was not shy on learning new concepts that would improve her skillset. She started somewhere and positioned herself for success. You can too. By taking part in the Grow with Google program, she played her cards right, shot her shoot and bagged a win. (Doing the most). Bagging wins is possible but we all need to put in the work, look for opportunities and embrace challenges with a resilience mentality .

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Madona's journey wasn't without challenges. As a black woman in a male-dominated field, she faced skepticism. However, she turned these challenges into opportunities for growth in her craft. Creating the 'Madona wave' has paved the way for women in tech. She has bagged awards such as Inspiration Woman of the year in tech BTA awards, top 50 Women Impact Tech NYC 2024, 2023 and 100 technologist to watch by WWCODE. Madona has proven the possibilities of thriving in a tech community as a woman. She supports women in tech through her tech talks and mentorship. Dear reader, you'd be surprised by the universe if you decided to start and keep at it. It takes time but you will definitely get there. She did and still pressing on.

The Madona wave has a great voice in the tech ecosystem. Currently, she is sitting on the Advisory Committee for the Strategic AI Certificate Program at Mercy University in New York contributing to the evolution of AI education. This was not handed to her on a silver platter, she worked for it and her efforts bore fruits. Success takes time.


As we celebrate inspirational women in tech, let Madona's story inspire us to break barriers and pave our own path in the ever-changing world of technology.

Thank you for reading. Remember to show up and give your best. Cheers!!