The Open Source Challange

The Open Source Challange

The open-source challenge launched in late June in collaboration with OSCA Nairobi and React Devs Ke communities was an opportunity for the SCA Nairobi community to work together in building our website.

The main objective of the challenge was to give beginners in the open source sphere a chance to start on Open Source with a network around them willing to help them through their journey into the field; and to give the SCA Nairobi community a chance to work together in developing the SCA Nairobi website.

I'll be contributing to the @osca_nairobi OS project!

I'll work on @SCAnairobi's website using TypeScript, NextJS, and Tailwind. It's so exciting because I'll learn new frameworks and work with an amazing team

Open source truly exposes you to opportunities🚀#opensource

— Catherine Kiiru (@CatherineKiiru) July 4, 2022

To those who took the step to make their first open source contributions through the challenge, congratulations!!! I hope this is your start to a great journey in open source.

To everyone else who made contributions to the challenge, keep up the spirit of building the open source community.

I hope you got a chance to work with other open source enthusiasts and made positive networks with fellow open source contributors.

Here is the deployed website where you can review what the community has been able to achieve over the period.

While the Open Source challenge is complete, there are still open issues in our GitHub that are up for grabs to anyone willing.

We would be glad to get feedback on how the challenge was and what could be done to improve future similar projects. Feel free to comment below, reach out through our Twitter, or email us on the same.

Where to discover more opportunities to make OS contributions

  1. GitHub - GitHub recommends project owners to assign labels to projects easy to start with. Simply search label: good first issue and the GitHub search bar and it will reveal numerous issues you can pick from. Look for the one you are comfortable with and have a go at it.

  2. Awesome list for beginners — a curated list of projects categorized by tech stack

  3. — “help wanted” issues aggregator

  4. — a list of useful reads for newcomers to open source
  5. — search, filter, and help easily on the issues of the repositories you starred
  6. — pick your favorite repos to receive a different open issue in your inbox every day
  7. — issues aggregator by tech and difficulty labels
  8. — a list of pull requests (or PRs) submitted for review, belonging to open-source projects

The more open source contributions you make, the better you get at it.

Contributing to OS will give you a chance to grow in your tech stack and learn while making a positive impact to the tech community. Additionally, a well-populated GitHub page could put you in higher place among other job applicants in that role you desire.

As they say, 'The Future is Open Source'.