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As She Code Africa Nairobi, we sincerely appreciate your interest in sharing your story through our blog.

Why should you submit your article to the SCA Nairobi blog?🤷🏼‍♀️

As Maya Angelou puts it, 'there is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.' We believe that everybody has a story they need to tell, an article they have to publish, an 'how to' publication they need to push, and some knowledge they want to share.

The benefits of submitting your article to us are:

  • You will have your article published in the SCA Nairobi blog. This means your article will be read by everyone subscribed to the blog. Think of the difference you are going to make to various individuals through it! 🤓
  • You will be featured in the She Code Africa Nairobi newsletter. 💃Additionally, your article will be shared among all our social media accounts; Twitter, LinkedIn, Telegram, and Whatsapp.
  • Sharing your article will help promote your skills as a technical writer.

The type of articles you can submit🔥

She Code Africa Nairobi is a technical community. Therefore, our blog is built for technical articles. Technical articles in this sense include articles related to any technical field (web development, cybersecurity, mobile development, cloud computing, IoT, among other tech fields).

The articles could include a documentation on how to perform a certain action within the tech field, for example, how to contribute to open source, a beginners guide, differences between certain fields, the best IDE for a programming language, best learning platforms for a given field, a tech story on how you got started in your field et al.

⭐️ Who can submit an article?⭐️

Anyone can submit their article to our blog as long as it is technical and follows the guidelines indicated in this writeup.

How to Submit an article🤔

  • Prepare a draft of your article in Google Docs. This draft should include a cover photo for the article, a link to download this photo, and at least 2 tags attached. The photos in the doc should have credits of the owner. Important: Ensure that the Google Docs has 'edit' permission for anyone who uses the sharable link.
  • Click on the Submit your Article link to open the submission form. Ensure you carefully read the terms and conditions attached on the form before filling out the details for the submission of your story.
  • The content ownership of the stories submitted to our blog remains with the contributing writer. We will embed the writer's information on article and ensure that all ownership rights of the story remain to the individual.
  • Incase you have any trouble submitting your article, you can write to us through [shecodeafricanairobi@gmail.com]

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Our Review Process

After submitting your story, we will review it to ensure that it meets our standards before we publish it in our blog. Some of the key milestones we will consider are:

  • The story has not been published in any other blog.
  • Your story is original, unique, and contains relevant ideas related to tech.
  • It is well written and not promotional.

Please note: If you have already published your story in another blog or platform, it will be automatically rejected. We will only accept new and original writeups.

Read these guidelines carefully before you submit your story.

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